4 brands | 1 vision

The companies Clarys Food Ingredients and Willich Tauchmassen have been affiliated since 2015. In addition, four brands have united under the slogan ‘4 brands with 1 vision’, each boasting the same structures and philosophies centred on a single guiding principle: the development, production and sale of innovative, customer-oriented solutions especially for the food industry.

33775 Versmold – Germany, Willich is a manufacturer of liquid products and specialises in meeting the needs of the food industry.

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8020 Oostkamp – Belgium, Clarys is a powder mixing company that offers innovative solutions for the food industry.

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UCook is the joint product brand for premium-quality oil-based marinades

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M4E stands for MAGNETS FOR EMULSIONS. The technology offers an efficient method of creating emulsions, dispersions and solutions

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