Sausage coatings

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Edible coatings

Edible coatings are decorative finishes for meat and sausage goods. The coatings, which contain herbs, spices, cheese or other decorations, are applied using a gelatine solution. The traditional method of applying decorative seasoning involves dipping the produce, then rolling it in the decorative material and sealing it. Hier jetzt Ablauf Tauchen rein bringen mit Texten aus Flyer! We offer specially adapted decorative and functional coatings for raw sausages and cured goods that are tailored to each product. All decorative materials are available with a pork, poultry or beef base to help you maintain product purity.
You can purchase a variety of ready-made, seasoned coatings or get in touch for a tailored solution: Get in touch.

Artificial coatings

Our artificial coatings largely consist of dispersions applied to the outside of the product skin and are not edible. Polymer films are used as decoration and to protect the artificial skin (marbled to imitate sausage mould). Transparent polymer films provide a layer of protection against water and weight loss, as well as against mould growth. These dips and coatings are mainly used to protect against spoilage in stores.

Paraffin coatings

Our paraffin coatings are designed for use with cooked sausage goods. Waxes and acetoglycerides offer a protective layer for cooked sausages and liver sausages. They protect against:
  • Desiccation and weight loss
  • Discolouration and signs of oxidation
  • Loss of flavour
  • Contamination with microorganisms
  • Early spoilage

You can find detailed information on our coating product pages.
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